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Food which will help gain muscle fast

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The market is full of many different supplements which marketed to bulk up fast or lead to growing muscles fast but we know that foods or whole foods are what are required to gain bigger, lean muscle mass.

We go to the gym to break muscles and it is the only food that will lead to repair those muscles' tissue and help them to grow.

Talking about muscle growth, we think of protein but having only protein never leads to muscle growth if we are not completing our all macros and micros.

The body understands the method of breaking and repairing those muscle tissue using all the required nutrients which are present in whole foods.

We know that why it is so beneficial to nourish our body if we work out hard. To understand this concept read this article.

We have taken enough protein, the unused protein will flush out from our body using urine. If we had enough protein then we need enough vitamin B-6 to break those protein enzymes and take those amino acids into the bloodstream.

As like with every nutrient, we just need to complete all the macros and micros to build good quality muscles.

Why We Need Carbohydrates?

If we always have protein and avoid carbs then we will not get that much energy to lift in the gym. We know that carbs provide us energy, to reading this article.

Carbs or carbohydrates get converted into glucose, which is the main fuel for our body and provides us energy.

Complex carbs also have lots of vitamins and minerals as well. The more carbs we have the more energy we get in our muscles to lift heavy in the gym and the more heavy we lift our muscles will tear more, then the more we grow.

Our muscles need a chance to grow, so doing a heavy workout session combined with these foods helps you to grow bigger and lean muscle mass.

Also, you need to understand the factor of calories, we need to be in a calorie surplus to lead to muscle growth.

As we have understood about protein, and carbs, we also have to understand the role of fats as well before starting.

Why We Need Fats?

Fats are very much beneficial to gown muscles as well. The one most tricky benefits of fat will be for those who need to eat more calories but can’t able to complete them, then having more healthy fats will lead to completing those calories in an easy way.

The most important benefit of fat is that it helps to balance our hormones as well. Fats leads to help promote testosterone levels and human growth hormones (HGT).

Fats also have many major muscles building compounds like Omega – 3 fatty acids and Omega – 6 fatty acids which lead to promoting better recovery after a workout and other benefits as well. To know more read this article.

Why We Need Micronutrients?

As we discussed we need vitamin B-6 to help lead to proper protein absorption in our body and with that, we need all the micronutrients to help grow muscles.

If we take enough stress, our body will lead to store fat instead of muscles. Micronutrients have the benefits to reduce stress levels as well, vitamin C leads to faster muscle recovery and vitamin D leads to more calcium absorption for more bone density.

As we all need this we need to take care of the foods so the below foods will help you to grow more muscles and help achieve all the macros and micros goal

14 Muscle Building Foods for lean muscles fast.


Eggs are the best food source for the cheap and the best food for muscle building. We have discussed eggs in this article and we know that egg is said to be a superfood because they have good quality protein.

Eggs have all the amino acids with omega -3 fatty acids present in them. Eggs also have good quality protein and have lots of micronutrients like zinc, vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, and many more.

So we always have to add eggs to our daily diet to see amazing results, eggs are also very much beneficial for weight loss as well as muscle building as well.


Fish is the best food for muscle building as fish have many vitamins and minerals, and fish also contain a lot of omega -3 fatty acids as well.

Almost every fish have very high about 16-25 grams of protein per 100 grams.

As fish have lots of Omega -3s which helps to promote better quality muscles and promote good muscle growth after your workout session.

Names of some fish is salmon, rohu Labeo, Catla, etc.

Chicken Breast

When it’s a talk about gaining muscles, we all know that about this food.

Chicken breast contains a very high amount of good quality protein and contains about 31 Grams of protein per 100 grams and has a good amount of vitamin B-6 as well.

This is the best food for someone who is very much active because vitamin B-6 helps to lead to more muscle endurance as it helps to promote breakdown of protein and release of amino acids into the bloodstream.

This is very important for better muscle growth.

Yogurt (Curd)

As this food not only contain good amount of quality protein but also have many vitamins and minerals. Curd or yogurt also contain probiotics which help in proper digestion of foods as well.

Diary products have both fast digestion whey protein and have slow digestion casein protein as well which is a good factor when it’s all about growing lean muscles mass.

Many research also get results that people get good quality lean muscles which they consumed both slow and fast digestion dairy products.

Here yogurt is the best slow digestion protein you get in the market. Including curd before bed help to provide protein intake overnight and help the muscles to be in a positive nitrogen balance which leads to proper and lean muscles growth.


Shrimp is considered a body-building food actually for a good reason as well. Shrimp have pure protein, as shrimp contains around 18 grams of protein, 1gram of fat, and 0 carbs. per 85grams.

Yes we know that we have to value all your macros and micros but adding shrimp into your diet will help you to add some more protein and other valuable vitamins and minerals with very minimal calories.

As leucine is the amino acid profile which help to build lean muscles mass, this amino acid is also present in shrimps as like every other animal protein.


We can’t miss the vegan and vegan whole food protein. Few years past soy or soy products have very bad reputation in this fitness industry and now soy is in the list of body building foods and for good reason.

Soybeans not only contain 17grams of protein per 100grams but also contain tremendous amount of fiber with all healthy fats and lots of plant based minerals as well.

Soy bean is the good source of vitamin K, potassium, phosphorus and iron.

Here iron is used to store and transport the oxygen to the muscles cells and in your blood cells. This can hamper if there is iron deficiency in our body.

That’s why it’s always recommended for young women to have lots of iron because they loss blood during their menstruation cycle.

To understand more about soy read this article.

Cottage Cheese – Chhaana - Paneer

We have all heard about it and we can easily prepare it in home as well. One cup or around 228 grams of cottage cheese contain about 28Grams of protein and have loads of muscles building amino acid which is leucine.

As we discussed in curd, cottage cheese also a diary product and comes in various fat percentage as well.

Preparation of cottage cheese is very much simple at home, to make: take a cow milk (it’s up to you how much milk fat percentage you want).

  • Boil the milk and add some lemon into it.

  • Your cottage cheese is ready.

Enjoy your high protein body building food right from home.


Another vegan based full packed protein food which can help you to build lean muscle mass as well.

There are several variety of beans but there are some beans which can be add for you lean muscle gains.

This beans such as:

  • Kidney beans

  • Black Beans

  • Pinto beans

This beans contain about 15-17 grams of protein per 172 grams in a cooked form.

This beans are plant derived, so you will get plenty of fiber and loads of vitamins and minerals as well. This beans have lots of vitamin B which help is muscles grow.

That’s why bean are the best source of protein when it came under a plant based vegan diet.

As it’s a plant derived it also leads to prevent heart problems as well because of no saturated and Trans fats only it contain healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats.


This is the another plant based protein and belong to soy family. This food also contain high amount of protein as like soybean does.

One cup or around 155 grams of Edamame contain around 17 grams of protein and have 8 gram of fiber. As like soybeans, Edamame also contain folate, vitamin K, iron and phosphorus in high amount.

This add up to become a good muscle building food and give good amount of various vitamins and minerals.


The tasty and the healthy loads with complex carbs and protein with high dietary fibers helps to give full nutrition to grow muscles.

As we said that carbohydrate help us to give proper amount of energy, quinoa have good amount of complex carbs like around 40 Grams of carbs, about 8 grams of protein and around 5 grams of fiber per 185 gram.

Quinoa have loads of magnesium and phosphorus, where magnesium is used in muscles and nerves movement. Whenever you move magnesium will help your muscles and nerves to move as well.


This is also the plant based vegan food contain high amount of protein, fibers and minerals and have good amount of complex carbs.

100 gram chickpea contain around 20 grams of protein, about 12 gram of fiber and 63 gram of complex carbohydrate which is full packed muscles building food.

Chickpea can be considered as the muscles building food as it is fully packed of various nutrients.


An source of healthy fats and comes in the family of nuts, and peanuts have the most amount of protein then other nuts in the nuts family.

Peanuts have lots of polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats which help us to balance our hormones as well.

Peanuts have other plant based vitamins and minerals and peanuts are high in fiber.

100 Grams of peanuts contains 26 grams of protein and contain 567 calories.

As peanuts have this much amount of calories so, if you’re someone struggling for calories then this the best food to add up calories fast.

Breaking up muscles and eating up more nutrition rich foods will help to grow more muscles, so peanut is the best choice.

As well, having healthy fats will leads to overall human health.

Brown Rice

Another foods with complex carbs with good amount of fibers and protein is said to be best muscle building food.

As brown rice is slow digestive it can also be used in your weight loss journey as well.

Brown rice also have very less amount of calories so you can eat more than usual, a 100 gram brown rice contain about 18 grams carbs with 2 grams protein.

Brown rice also contain good amount of iron and dietary fiber with vitamin B which help us to grow good quality muscles.


Here is the source of healthy fats for muscle building food. This have good amount of protein and healthy fats.

Almonds not only have good amount of protein but also have good amount of healthy fats and have various amount of plant vitamins and minerals.

According to the USDA, each 100 g of almonds contains 579 calories and has the following nutritional profile: protein: 21.15 g. fat: 49.93 g. carbohydrate: 21.55 g.


This foods will help gain muscles only when you go to the gym and break your muscles. Do you do to the gym and push hard let me know in the comments.

Do you love any of this foods? Let us know and also let what you want in our next blog.

Stay fit and stay happy

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