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Last Revised: 2022-08-07 15:35:37

All our clients are very important to us, that's why fitgoaltips, has created the following Refund Policy to let You know how we handle the refunds for the goods ordered and bought on our website

The terms "You," "Your," and "Yours" refer to the entity/ person/ organization using our Website. When this policy mentions "we", "us,", and "our" it refers to the Company and its subsidiaries or /and affiliates. The term "goods" refer to any product or item bought on our Website by You.

This Refund Policy is governed by our [Terms of Services]

For any questions regarding this Refund Policy or any requests regarding the refunds and returns, please contact us by email, phone 8210652122, or other contacts provided below.

Once you buy any kinds of services from, we don't do any kind of refund for any of our services.

In case of wrong payment or more payment than the price of the services, we will return back the extra amount within 14 Days.

Further information
Our Policy does not apply to the refunds for the goods and services offered by other companies or individuals.


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