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Why Doing Exercise Destroying Your Body

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Foods Vs Workouts | Lack Of Nourishment Of Your Body | Good Nutrition and Workout | Foods, Supplements & Chemicals | Diet Plan | Frequently Asked Questions | Conclusion

We have heard that doing a workout helps our hearts to get strong and big and it's good news.

But why Somnath is saying that doing a workout will lead to Destroying your own body?

When I started writing this, I thought about this and in this article, you'll understand how doing exercise will lead to destroying your body.

My words are controversial on both ends so read this article carefully.

You'll understand the relationship between doing a workout and nourishing your own body.

You bought a car, and that runs on a fuel called petrol or diesel right?


What if you put kerosene in your car?

It will not run and its efficiency will decrease over time! Why?

Because that car needs a preferred fuel to run on a road smoothly. If we provide bad or cheap quality fuel then it will not run on the road for very long periods of time.

Our bodies are the same. We need to understand the relationship between doing workouts and the nourishment of our body.

Foods Vs Workouts

What if we eat a packet of Oreos and go for a workout and what if we're having a banana and going for a workout?

Yes, you can do your workout as with both foods! But do you think the one who is eating Oreos and doing the gym sessions is giving the proper fuel to his body?

No! Banana is the proper food.

An OREO is filled with empty sugar and lots of preservatives and bad ingredients that our body never wants to process.

On the other hand, the one who is having a banana gets a full amount of complex carbohydrates with magnesium, and potassium which is the preferred fuel before a good workout session.

Lack Of Nourishment Of Your Body

If your body is not nourished properly with the correct amount of fuel and you're working out then it will harm your body after a long run.

Our body only works on preferred given food, the junk or foods which contain lots of preservatives leads to harming our body.

We already know that we must balance our macro and micronutrients, if we fail to do so, then our body will suffer from a lot of problems and diseases.

Think like that, a small size pizza has around 1500-2000mg of sodium, and our daily recommended amount of sodium is 2300mg.

This is a huge amount of dis-balance in micronutrients which leads to water retention on our body and we look fluffy and chubby.

On the other hand, if we have rice and chicken then we will get a good combination of protein, and carbohydrates as well as zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron, and so on in a balanced form.

What if you have 2 Eggs with cost Rs.12 instead of a packet of potato chips?

Yes, 2 Eggs will give you a tremendous amount of quality nutrients that aren't available in potato chips. On the other hand, 2 Eggs will not only fill your tummy for a longer period of time but also have only 70-80 kcal whereas potato chips contain around 400+ kcal with zero quality nutrients.

On the other hand, this chips packet contains a lot of emulsifiers and preservatives which stress our body while in the digestion process.

While having this type of food, the good bacteria in our gut get confused while separating the nutrients and our body suffers from lots of stress.

On the other hand, you know that doing workout also gives stress to our body, the stress to grow muscles or to lose fats.

Good Nutrition and Workout

Why is it always said that having good nutrition is important when you're starting a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, having good nutrition helps us to relieve stress from our body and help us to get easy recovery from our workouts as well.

The more calories you get from whole foods the faster you'll get recovered from your workout sessions.

I wonder if you're not someone who only relies on supplements for your recovery.

It's not like you are going to the gym and doing a workout and eating bad/junk foods after that, your body doesn't accept that.

Having abs shows how much discipline you have regarding your daily lifestyle but it doesn't matter if you're including whole foods. If you're not working out and you just love to walk and stay active all day, then you can also stay healthy, if you're eating the right foods.

Foods, Supplements & Chemicals

Many people have a question about whether whole foods are also made or grown using chemicals if we also eat organic ones.

Yes, I definitely agree about this.


Because no one cares about the foods they are eating, farmers also grow those foods using chemicals that are high in demand.

In western countries like the US, they consider having lots of non-veg items like meat, pork, etc. so, farmers are using the wrong methods to grow them within days and we are having them without guilt.

Leaving few, no one cares what they are eating in your daily life.

Do you?

Have you ever checked the ingredients present in your whey protein supplement?

Have you checked it?

Is it only written like Whey Protein or cocoa powder?

Or there is something else like preservatives, emulsifiers(505), artificial sweeteners, etc.

Talking about chemicals, do you know junk foods have tremendous amounts of chemicals, sugar, and salt just to enhance the taste to get dopamine satisfaction so that we crave that particular thing again and again?

Do you check them? Foods that contain 1-3 ingredients are considered a whole food.

Foods like fruits and vegetables which are found within a radius of 100 KM are considered as best.

Basic Knowledge about starting a diet with whole foods

Start your day by drinking plenty of water

Morning : Add Complex Carbs + Protein

Examples Of Complex Carbs - Poha, Oats, Whole Fruits, Vegetable, Etc.

Example Of Protein - Eggs, Protein Shake, Tofu, Yellow Split pea Or Chickpea.

Mid Morning: Add some healthy fats/ Probiotics/ protein.

Example: Curd, Nuts, seeds, fruits, sattu(Bengal Gram Flour) drink, etc.

Lunch : Carbs + Protein + Vegetables

Example: Rice (White/Brown), baked potatoes, chicken, fish, paneer, tofu, lentils or legumes.

Snacks: Handful of nuts or a fruit


Chapati, Rice, Chicken, chickpea, lentils or legumes, eggs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I eat whole eggs or only egg white?

You must start eating the whole egg because the egg yolk contains all the amazing nutrients.

2. Can I eat fruits at night?

Yes, it doesn't matter, fruits contain lots of nutrients and our body is smart enough to distribute nutrients at any time of the day. It's better to have fruit than a cake.

3. I'm eating whole foods still I'm feeling weak and getting a fever again and again.

Only eating oats will not work, you have to balance all your micro and macronutrients. Whole foods have a lot fewer calories so track your calories for a day. Include healthy fats, Protein, and carbs in your diet.

4. Does it mean I can't enjoy junk food anymore?

No! Enjoy a big-size pizza or a large burger once or twice a month, but get back to your diet and workout routine from the next day.

5. What if I crave sugar?

Replace refined sugar with jaggery, honey, etc. Be sure to watch your sugar intake, sugar is sugar and it doesn't matter if you get it from refined sugar or from honey it will spike your insulin too. Try to take sugar intake within the range of 20-25 grams per day.

6. Can I have fruit juice?

It was always recommended to have whole fruits instead or fruit juice. If you're looking for weight gain go for fruit juice, but if you're looking for weight loss or a healthy lifestyle go for whole fruits.


Fruit Juice (No Fibers) - Whole Fruits (Lots Of fibers)


Consider having whole foods in your diet, if you're someone who goes to the gym and eats bad foods then stop going to the gym as well. You are harming your body and brain this way. Muscle breakdown and muscle repair require good hormonal balance and this can only be done with whole good quality foods.

Change your diet plan, emphasize on whole foods, try to get you foods which are coming from a radius of 100km from where you stay, always read the ingredients present in the foods, and be aware of instant foods.

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Stay happy and healthy.

©2020 by Somnath Banerjee

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