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Eggs And It's Amazing Health Benefits

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

This article is evidence based: click the - (link) to see the research or that particular study.

Eggs are said to be the full nutrients packed food. Eggs have many different types of vitamins and minerals which we may not get from daily diet.

Adding eggs into a diet is able to complete main nutrition deficiencies in the human body.

We are always afraid to take a whole egg and throw the egg yolks thinking that egg yolk has cholesterol and leads to heart disease. Is it so?

Many people think having eggs leads to stomach heat, which is an absolute myth.

So let's check out why humans should eat eggs to maximise the body's nutritional deficiencies.

1. Egg Has A Lot Of Nutritional Benefits.

We always trust in myths and ignore the truth. Actually eggs have a lot of nutrients which is way more beneficial for a human body.

Not only nutrition, but eggs have antioxidants as well as powerful brain nutrients.

Eggs have loads of vitamins, minerals, high-quality lean protein, healthy fats, and various other body nutrients.

One egg contains around (full Nutrients)

  • Vitamin A : ~5% of daily Required Amount.

  • Vitamin B12 : ~9% of dairy Required Amount.

  • Vitamin B2 : ~15% of daily Required Amount.

  • Vitamin B5 : ~7% of daily Required Amount.

  • Vitamin B6 : ~5% of daily Required Amount.

The maine vitamins components.

An egg also contains around 22% Selenium as well. Selenium is the main nutrients of the brain.

Note: this percentage might change from the bread or the nutrients given to that hen.

Eggs have almost every mineral loaded like calcium, zinc, iron(3%), potassium, magnesium(1%), sodium, folate and many more.

Talking about an egg's nutritional fact, a large egg contains around 77 calories were 6grams are high quality protein and 5grams of healthy omega 3 fatty acids, and very little to no carbohydrates.

So it's a food which can be enjoyed while dieting as well. Eggs help to lose weight because after eating an egg you will feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Be sure to have a whole egg with egg yolk because egg white only contains around 3grams of protein and all the nutrients are on the egg yolks only.

2. Eggs Contain Healthy Cholesterol And Keep The Heart Healthy.

We always think that egg yolk has cholesterol and throw them without knowing that egg yolk contains a ton of nutrients and healthy cholesterol which helps to remove bad cholesterol.

One large egg contains around 186.5mg of cholesterol which people think is a lot and can cause heart problems.

It was found in a study that egg contains dietary cholesterol and do not effect on cholesterol levels in blood (link)

Do you know that our liver produces cholesterol every day and it's total depends upon how much we eat each day. If we eat lots of cholesterol from foods then our liver will produce less cholesterol and vise versa.

It always found that eggs improve the cholesterol profile in our body and do not harm our body.

Let's understand that like good fats and bad fats there are good cholesterol(HDL) and bad cholesterol(LDL) as well. Eggs produce good cholesterol(HDL) and lower the levels of LDL which tends to lower heart problems. (link) (link) (link)

Note: LDL are found in trans fat or in junk foods like cake, pastries, or highly processed foods or instant foods and LDL causes heart problems.

Multiple studies have found that eating eggs do not affect any heart problems and is very beneficial for health (link) (link) (link)

In one of the study it was found that eating 3whole eggs every day reduced insulin resistance, raised HDL and increased the size of LDL particles in people with metabolic syndrome (link)

Some studies have shown that eggs can increase the risk of heart problems who are already suffering from diabetes. This research is not complete and further research as well. (link) (link) (link)

3. Eggs Contains High Quality Protein

A large egg contains around 6grams of high quality protein which makes it a super protein source with low calories.

Protein helps to build muscle and have many health benefits which we have discussed in our previous blog.

Eggs contain a good amino acid profile which is perfect to build protein in our body. As we know that our body needs all 21amino acid profiles from which body will build its protein.

Out of 21, 9 are EAAs or essential amino acids which our body can't build by it's so we take it from foods or supplements.

So when a food has all this amino acid profile with a good ratio then it's called as high quality protein rich food. And yes eggs have all this amino acids profile in an accurate ratio that's why eggs are said to be high quality protein food. (link)

4. Eggs Have Loads Of Nutrients Which Are Beneficial For Your Brain And Eye Health.

Vitamin B complex is very much required to fulfill various body's needs and help them function properly.

The Vitamin B complex acts as a neurotransmitter and it is also a component of a cell membrane. It was found that having a low amount of vitamin B complex leads to liver disease, heart disease, and brain disorders. (link)

Vitamin B complex is very much important during pregnancy and studies show that low levels of vitamin B complex leads to reduced cognitive function in the baby. (link)

Egg is the best source of vitamin B complex and contains around 113 mg of it. Another source of vitamin b complex is beef liver.

Like the brain, eggs are also beneficial for eye health thanks to the two important antioxidants present in the eggs that protect our eyes.

These two antioxidants named as lutein and zeaxanthin which are only found in egg yolk as egg white do not contain any nutrients rather than protein.

These two antioxidants are found in the eye retina helps to protect from harmful sunlight said by researchers. (link)

This antioxidants help to prevent from macular degeneration while ageing (link) (link) (link)

In one study it was found that having 1-2 egg yolks for 4-5 weeks increased the amount of these antioxidants (zeaxanthin) by 120-140% and lutein by 20-30%. (like)

5. Eggs Can Help Reduce Body Fat

As we know that eggs have very few carbohydrates and high amounts of quality protein and fats. Eggs satisfy hunger and we feel fuller after having eggs.

In one study of 30 obese women, half of them consumed eggs and other consumed bagel and both have the same calories.

The study found that the women who consumed egg fill fuller for a longer period of time than the bagel group. (link)

Another egg group of 8week study found the same result of weight loss. (link)


Eggs are so nutritious and one of the best superfoods.

But all eggs are not created equal. Try to have good quality organic or healthy hen eggs

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