We will use this information to make your diet plan so please full the form with correct information asked.

Activity Level
Exercise : 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate activities
Intense Exercise: 45-120 minutes of elevated heart rate activities
Very Intense Exercise: 2+ hours of elevated heart rate activities
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Frequently asked questions

1. Why This Information?

This information are take to be in contact with you and make an accurate diet plan according to your body type.

2. What if I give the wrong information?

If you give you height, weight, age, gender wrong then the diet plan will be make according to that body type and all foods and same calories don't work on everyone.

3. What if i share the same diet plans with other as well?

According to your BMI (Height, Weight Calculator) and your fitness goal it will only work on you.

for ex. if your height is 150cm and Weight is 60kg and age is 21 then you might need 2000 kcal to lose weight or 2500kcal to gain weight.


if the person with same height and weight but the age is different then the one might need more or less calories or their specific fitness journey.

It's visa versa with all - height, weight, age, gender, activity levels and so on.

4. What if I don't want to say my health problems?

Health problems must be described because according to you only we will make a diet plan for you.

for example if you're suffering from thyroid then you must need to avoid peanuts.

So, we will replace those foods with other foods for better fitness journey.

5. Do you share my problems with anyone?

No, all your problems are just be with me and according to our privacy no information is given to anyone. All this will require to make an effective diet plan for yourself.

6. How to pay if I'm someone from other country rather then India?

You can pay via PayPal by directly chatting with me.

7. What you will do with my phone number?

We only need phone number to contact you easily via WhatsApp, so that it will become easy for both to ask any questions regarding diet and workouts.

In FITGOALTIPS you'll get the best diet, that's why we need this information