It doesn't matters you're a student or a working individual, our customized diet plan and workout plan will help you to manage how to eat healthy and when you workout.


My Story


Hello everyone reading this, I’m Somnath Banerjee, 23 Years old mechanical engineer and also a fitness trainer with vast knowledge In GYM training, Home workouts, Resistance band workouts, Yoga, HIIT, flexibility and mobility, and many more.


how our plan work

Home-based foods only and no fancy foods or supplements so that you can start from today.

Complete guidance of food with other healthy life style guide.

Complete and flexible diet chart with different foods choices to ease up your fitness journey.

Home Workouts which you can start anywhere anytime without any equipment.

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Customised Diet Plan

Get a fully customized diet plan according to your body type where you can able to burn fat and gain muscles, and no fancy supplements. Only home made whole foods and get the best shape of your life.


Home Workout Plan

Get a full home workout program with yoga and flexibility training all in one to live a healthy lifestyle.


GYM Workout Plan

Get a full GYM workout program with yoga warmups and flexibility training all in one to live a healthy lifestyle.


Diet & Workout Combo

Get a combo of both diet and workout plan in one and see your results fast in a shortest period of time.

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