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How To Start Eating Healthy – A Guide For Complete Beginners

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

As I have always considered food as the factor which can change one’s complete lifestyle, whether you want to lose weight or want to gain weight or you’re suffering from any kind of health problem food or nutrition is the solution for everything. The foods we humans eat considered to be a huge effect on our health, you will believe it or not, but it’s the truth and saying these words from my own life experience.

You have started and once you finish the article you will understand how to start eating healthy. We thing that eating healthy means we need to eat all boil foods and have to avoid mind pleasure taste like sweet, sour, crunchy etc.

Not at all, healthy eating and following a strict boil food diet is way too different. Healthy eating means you will understand the science behind the foods you eat. It’s all about the simple law of Thermodynamics.

Energy Not be created Or Not Destroyed. The Foods we eat is a energy right which we are having by our own and if we don’t do any work it will stay with you. Okay let’s start but why someone want to eat healthy is the question? We always need to understand the why?

Why We Should Eat Healthy Foods?

Foods not only impact our health but more our brain. It all starts with heart and goes to the brain.

Think, if someone ask you to TAR in the balloon using pump, isn’t it that hard because tar is very thick and very hard to deliver using pump. But if someone say to pump water you can easily do it right.

Yes, so when we are eating junk foods it have lots of chemical, preservatives, bad trans-fat and worst quality oil, which we are taking in.

The process of our body is to separate those nutrients and send it to the blood stream for brain functioning. The blood flow is done using heart and if the blood get lots of chemical (bad cholesterol) it get thick and heart have to do lots of work to push that blood throughout the body. On the other hand all those fat cells block the veins or arteries, which also a disadvantage for the blood flow.

When we are small we always have listen that heart need do do 2 times the work to push the blood to brain due to gravity. If there is so many problems with blood then how blood is able to send to the brain with nutrients?

That why most people suffer with heart problems in early age. This is the only one problem, but there are 1000s of problems of eating junk foods,


  • Kidney Damage

  • Liver Problem.

  • Lowe Insulin

  • High or Low blood pressure

  • Joint pain, thyroid, stone and many more.

Some Other brain problems with junk foods are:

  • Less Energy

  • Less motivation

  • feeling lazy and lethargic

  • Getting fatigued

  • Low confidence

  • Forget things or stuffs etc. But eating healthy will drastically reduce these health problems and leads to a better life. Research also says that eating healthy is the killer of heart problems and cancer as well. A good diet will improve your health performance as well as brain functioning as well. Not only this a good diet can eventually increase the efficiency of the healing power of cells and organs, and make you look and feel younger.

Energy In And Energy Our (Calories) Balance Explained.

Alright, now even if you eat boiled foods or clean foods you will never lose weight or you will never get the benefits from it because we need to balance the energy or calories we say.

Calories counting is very important if you’re looking for weight management. It’s all about energy in vs energy out. If your goal is to lose weight and want to see all the health benefits then you need to burn then you eat. Even if you eat healthy foods but you’re eating them a lot then you can’t able to lose weight if you’re not burning them. For Example: if you’re eating 2000 calories and not doing any work then that energy will get stored as fat. According to your maintains you need to less and have to burn those calories you eat so that our brain could use those stored fat as a energy.

A Brief Example:

Let’s say your maintains calories is 2000, to lose fat your need to eat 1800 Calories and need to burn at least 1000 calories to lose fat.

How To Burn Calorie?

Many people do mistakes here and think of doing cardio only.

That’s the wrong step people take while losing fat.

Once you start running you’re only burning calories, but not fat. The main thing for beginners to lose fat is the do a weighted workout. For Example: if you’re running 11Km and you’re burning 500 calories and once you stop running you’re not burning any calories any more. Once you eat food of 500+ calories your body will again store fat. But, if you go to the gym and do some workouts and burn only 200 calories, then you’ll lose fat.


Breakdown of muscles need to be repair and this muscle's repair process need lots of calories or energy and this process go for 24 hrs. to 72 hrs.

So, you’re burning calories for this much time after doing weight training. Though if you don’t want to do workout then nutrition can also do the job, you just need a good diet plan.

How to make a diet plan?

You can consult me, or read rest to understand more.

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Understanding Macronutrients

We have always discuss a lot regarding macronutrients which are carbs, Fats and Protein. This nutrients are all needed for proper balancing of our body. This nutrients need to provide energy to your body and takes part in various body function. To know more about: Carbohydrate – Read This Article Fats – Read this Article Protein – Read This Article Here are some foods examples of learn more about this macronutrients. Carbohydrate: It contain 4 calories (Energy) per gram and foods like – rice, bread, chapatti, legumes, vegetables, fruits, sugar, dairy products, all grains comes under carbs Fats: It contain 9 calories (Energy) per gram and foods like – nuts, oil, butter, cheese, seeds, fish, meat are the source of fats. Protein: it contain 4 calories (energy) per gram and foods like – eggs, fish, chicken, diary, beans, legumes, soy products, animal products, dairy products are the sources of fats.

Understanding Micronutrients

This nutrients are very much beneficial for the cells and tissue functioning, this nutrients also help with all body functions like carrying certain nutrients, taking care of blood cells, proper overall oranges functioning and many more. Lets understands its types:

All Vitamins: There are lots of vitamins starting from A to K and we need them all because they play important role with cells and organs in our body.

Minerals: There are lots of minerals which are required like sodium, potassium, iodine, copper, iron etc. lets discuss about some minerals and their important roles. Iron: It helps to carry oxygen to the blood and also control fluid balance as well, iron also take part to improve the immune system of our body and helps with brain functioning. Iron is very much important of female as help in menstruation cycles as well. Spinach is the best example of iron. Potassium: This is the most important to control blood pressure levels, fluid balance and improve the function of our nerves and muscles. If you’re going to the gym take care of your potassium levels. Banana is the best example of potassium. Magnesium: This mineral is very important and have a hard duty in our body as well. As magnesium role over 600 cellular processes, including energy production, helps with nervous system function and muscles contractions. Magnesium also help to produce sperm quality levels as well with zinc. Calcium: It is very important for bone health and teeth health and also help with heart muscle and nervous system with vitamin D3. Micronutrients are first to go and very important, you need all the micronutrients to survive and basically if you eat enough healthy foods (fruits and vegetable) then you can easily complete them. The daily requirements of this nutrients varies from different individuals, if you’re an athlete or lift weights then you need more micronutrients then normal individuals.

Foods To Include In Your Diet

If you want to be healthy you need to include this foods:

Fruits: you crave for a sweet don’t you so here is the natural sweet treat for you, fruits are the best things from where you get all the micronutrients as well as loads antioxidants to improve overall health with taste. Vegetables: All you should know that you need to add vegetable in your diet to fill fuller while losing weight. Not only has this vegetable also completed all your micronutrient profile. Fish: fish are the good source of protein and help you to provide omega 3s which are very beneficial for brain functioning and overall health benefits. Meat: meat contain good amount of zinc, magnesium and provide good amount of protein but be aware of those saturated fats, be on moderation or try lean meats. Eggs: The best superfood which need to be in the diet. With lots of protein, if contain good dietary cholesterol and have good amount of different vitamins and minerals with omega3. Nuts & Seeds: Best source of healthy fat which help to improve good cholesterol levels and help in brain function. Nuts and seeds also contain various important micronutrients as well. Dairy Products: dairy products are best source of all macronutrients and contain all carbs, fats and protein in good ratio. Dairy product such as yogurt (curd or Dahi) contain good gut bacteria help with proper food digestion. Starches: all starchy foods are not bad, you must include sweet potatoes, quinoa, Ezekiel bread which are healthy as well as nutritious. Beans and Legumes: This are full packed source of macro as well as micronutrients so don’t forget them in your diet. Beverages: you must need to drink at least 3-4 lit of water per day. You can also add black coffee and green tea which also contains lots of antioxidants. Ill soon write a blog on super healthy foods, till that read this article of food which will help gain muscles.

Foods to avoid from your diet

You can enjoy every food and you don’t have to eliminate them but this foods need to be controlled and can be eaten in some special occasion. Sugary Foods: foods which contain high sugar like cake, soda must be avoided. This leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Vegetable Oils: while talking about healthy many people don’t consider oils, but oil is the major factor and can disturb the ratio of cholesterol and omega 3 and omega 6 balance which leads to various health problems. Refined Carbs: all carbs are not bad but this are bad carbs, leads to spike inulin and don’t contain any fiber or any nutrients which leads to diabetes and metabolic diseases. Trans Fats: if you’re eating them then forget about abs, this fats are partially hydrogenated fats link to serious health problems and cause heart diseases. Processes/instant Foods: even if it contain low fat or zero sugar or zero calories stay away from them because brain have to work hard to identify the nutrients which don’t have calories, or sugar but taste sweet.

How To Get A Healthy Packed Food?

If the packed food have advertised with healthy never believe in it, always see the nutrition level of that food to understand your best. For more follow this picture.


This will help you to understand a lot about foods, in next blog ill share some strategies to improve your diet. Eating right must be a choice of healthy living. Buy eating food you will feel more confident and powerful then you think. Your body and brain will thank you. Do you love it, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to solve them for sure. If you are still struggling to lose weight you can start your weight loss program. Read to know more

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