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Best Tips to Avoid Smoking

How to avoid smoking | fitgoaltips

We all know that Smoking is Injurious to health and we must need to stop that and craving for something again and again is called as addictions which is worst enemy ever.

Let’s understand about addiction before covering the tips of avoiding Cigarette.

If you always crave for doing something or for eating something then that’s addictions – which is really bad even if it’s a good work or a bad habit.

Playing video games and thinking about It or even reading a book and thinking about It all the time – both are addiction which directly affect once individual life.

One will say, craving for reading a book is a good thing – you gain more knowledge and other say that craving for a video game is good because it makes you more focus.

Both comes under addiction and can leads to various social as well as mental problems as well if we think all this practically.

When we start reading a book and we keep reading different books – we always keep reading books which directly affect the social life.

You don’t give times to your friends or family and you just do the thing you love. When you just interact with friends or family you will start discussing about the book you read with them – for you those words are very interesting but for others this topic might don’t give them any interest which leads to social distancing with your loved once as well as stress your mental health.

Anything more is always harmful – and an addiction kills people mentally and spiritually.

My Own Story

When I was 18 Years old, I was fat and use to eat all kind of junk food each and every day, yes because I don’t have my path, my parents always scold me for not doing all these things but I never listened to them. I become Fat and I gained 95Kgs.

The Addiction of eating Pizza, coke and other junk foods each and every day take me nowhere but compromising with my health for long period where I never realised that the fault of this things, and I listened to no one.

I have no motivation, confident and growing migraine problems as well.

I went for B-tech in mechanical engineering I don’t have any confident and get many friends, some have good physique and some are way to active in sports.

I always loved cricket, when I stared playing – I felt like I can’t able to perform what I use to when I was 15 Years old and now, I was 20Year.

Just 15 minutes of chewing of those junk foods leads to nowhere where my self-actualisation come through!

Only Self-Actualization can change you and make a purpose of your living and no one can.

I started going to the gym with my good friends – they helped me and within 2 Years I went from 95Kgs to 65 Kgs with lean muscles and all this happen with good eating habits and daily strengths where I learnt nutrition and how to do proper workout.

Then I gained confident, motivation with lots of learning, may be what I’m writing now – only because I understand the cause.

The Caffeine addiction

Everything more is always bad – I go to the GYM sometime 2 times a day and sleep 4 hours only which means 14 hours or more workout per week with just 4hrs sleep.

No rest days but I take care of my nutrition but the ADDICTION of gym and the focus given by COFFEE (Caffeine) which I never taken care of!

Maybe I use to drink around 4-5 Cups or more than 400mg of caffeine per day! Then that caffeine doesn’t work anymore for my strength and focus and I get Caffeine pills which is 400mg per capsule and coffee sometime.

CAFFEINE becomes my addiction which take to bad situations! One day I haven’t slept for 2 Days straight, leads me to poor fertilization and many more because more is bad, very bad for you.

I understood this thing because I have the self-Actualization stuff and I left Coffee for few days which takes me to no energy, no motivation and slept a lot!

I left coffee for a week and then a cup before going to GYM only.

Coffee Vs Energy Stuff

I really need to come out from this – why only coffee give me strength? All the trainings I have done for 3Years have no value?

Then I left coffee for 3 weeks + 40 Hours of water fast (I Understand fasting and in a habit of doing fasting for long period of time, please don’t try under expert guidance or my)

I started going to the gym – first few days were gone bad with worst performance – then eventually everything went normal.

I get stronger and stronger without coffee and I sleep well and things to 16-8 Hours fast for my focus and everything went normal, I do take coffee but just a cup of black coffee as always.

Why this story?

Everyone is addicted to something because of some reason, as like coffee or caffeine provide me strength though its good for health if consumed limited (check this blog to understand the health benefits of coffee), like that only SMOKING also provide the stimulant of focus because it contains nicotine but smoking is dangerous to health because its smoke affect lungs severely and cause cancer.

Smoking Vs Cancer

We all know smoking caused cancer, even in those cigarette packets its showing but still people take is because of lack of self-actualization and you might don’t know the WHY so let’s understand some points which will definitely help you to avoid smoking at all.

Tips to avoid smoking!

Use Nicotine chew gums

it’s definitely not the smoke which give you the kick to do smoking again and again, but it’s the NICOTINE which ask your brain for the pleasure.

When your brain started controlling you for something – means your get into addiction.

Something more than once a day is also an addiction.

Where Smoking is not at all good for your health so, start with nicotine chew gums, it provides you the stimulus of nicotine and leads to avoid having smoke again and again and at least you will save from smoking smoke at first which is affecting your lungs.

Understand the WHY

This is the thing you need to understand why you need to stop smoking!

  • If you’re smoking 1 cigarette, are you also doing air pollution even of 0.00001%

  • If you get into cancer or bad disease, then you will suffer less and your family will more!

  • You have your future to grow! Just a cigarette can’t control you.

  • The money you’re wasting a lot in a bad product.

  • If your smoke – disturbing your family or friends?

There are many reasons to say no no to smoking and only your self-actualization can do that, and no one.

Eat more vegetables.

how much vegetables | fitgoaltips

If you’re craving for smoking make sure – your full and for that eat more healthy green vegetables and more fruits which will allow you to keep fuller for longer and don’t let you to crave for smoke.

It was said that – when we get hungry, our body switched into worrier mode and can do anything to remove those hunger and once your full you feel lethargic and don’t feel like to do anything and not smoking as well.

Keep Doing something

Khali dimag seitan ka hota hai

Very famous quote and, when you are alone or free then you start doing the bad things and where the addiction kicks in. Its always happen with me! Whenever I don’t have anything to do, I just ran to the kitchen and make a coffee for me, so I started keeping my self-busy.

Start a business or do some side stuffs, chat with your love one or friends who obviously never remind you for smoking. Become social and go out in a park or in non-smoking areas.

Learn some creative things in YouTube or check fitgoaltips YouTube channel and start home workout.

Clean yourself and your house

Cleaning leads to self-discipline which leads to self-actualization and lead you to avoid the wrong things to do again and again. You will understand how it is difficult to clean a dirty house, that’s our body is a temple which also need proper cleaning.

Our body do it by its own, but regular smoking and other bad habits dirty our one-time temple again and again.

Keep trying

Its never the end, and I understand how hard it become to quit something which have full control on your brain, stop smoking for some days understand how much your brain crave for it, then understand the fault. At once you might can’t able to but one day you will achieve what you really want to.

No one is perfect – take a counselling or take to me because every problem has a solution and every solution required life experience.

Some understood them early or some get it late but this is life but this life is given once only so use it wisely – cigarette is not the choice

Friends – family – entertainment – fun – foods are life, earn more spend more in good stuff.


In India the problem is more than a nicotine consumption – people take it as a cool way. Few yeas back boys use to smoke hiding somewhere then they come at front smoking in roads while walking and this trend is accepted by girls as well.

Smoking don’t show you cool to all Indians out their – you’re being fooled.

Learn the right things which is hard to get – smoking is a short-term pleasure with long term problems.


This is for them who really want to stop smoking and understand the cause, this article might don’t let you to stop smoking but the point and the work self-actualization will.

Be smart, lead smart and grow smart – if you also have some related story then share them with us!

Comment if you love it.



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