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Things You Can Do To Fight Depression

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Depression has become a great problem, in today's world and is mostly found in the united states, german, and India. Even a child is getting depressed, maybe because of their family, marks or something which they are frightened of doing. But they appear and show them every time.

Getting depressed lets you take to another world where you can't understand your own feelings, you always feel like not doing anything, and feel closer than others.

Depression can completely drain your energy, leaving you feeling empty and fatigued. This can make it difficult to know the strength or desire to seek treatment.

Depression is getting common nowadays and millions of people are suffering from depression. Some are so deep into that, that they don't find any ways to come out but to take their own life.

Depression is something that has to be treated on your own and it's easy as well. Start knowing yourself, and before loving others. Start loving yourself.

If you can love yourself, then you don't have to read anymore. Read the point and you can unlock how to love yourself with honesty and keep your dopamine release.

1. Today's Emotions Can't Be Same Tomorrow

Every day is not always the same, maybe the next morning Bring something new, which let you feel excited to live this beautiful life and you feel blessed and enjoyed.

If your mood is not well and your soo disturbed your today's life, it doesn't matter that the same will be happening tomorrow as well.

Small things make bad things and feel guilty.

If you haven't cooked your food properly that doesn't mean you don't have a second chance.

If you just won't be able to get out of bed as you had thought of to accomplish your goals, that doesn't mean that you don't have another morning.

Give yourself chance, like you give others. You always deserve better. Give a fresh start from tomorrow.

2. Look For A Good Part, Instead Focusing On The Bad Once

We are humans and mistakes are done by us only.

When you do many good works in your day, but you have done just a bad thing.

Let it go about that bad thing because mistakes are done and can be made right on the next try.

Think about all the good kinds of stuff that you have done in your day, be motivated and feel glad for yourself, and try to improve yourself.

Push yourself to think about the right stuff you have done. If you can write, write all the good things you have done all day, and what went wrong that you have to try again.

3. Sets Goals That Can Be Done Easily

If you think of doing a lot of stuff first thing in the morning and make a weighted to-do list, and fails to do the stuff then you feel a burden on yourself.

Set small goals and emphasize on them

For example:

  • Try to clean your bed first thing in the morning, instead cleaning your room

  • Try 5minutes of yoga, instead if you don't feel like doing 30mins workout

  • Make a coffee, instead of trying to make dinner.

Achieving small things keeps you happy and you will feel motivated to do new, or advanced think than what you're doing. Always remember to keep your eyes on achieving small things with a tangible to-do list.

4. Do Opposite, If You Feel Doing this is Wrong

If you think that, what I'm thinking is wrong is a clear sign of a "voice of depression" do the opposite of that.

Take out the thoughts of negativity, or the voice of can't do. This voice will take your mind from self-help and let you feel alone and broken. If you get the ability to recognize what's wrong or what's right, then it would be better to replace them. Use your brain and logic as a weapon and consider your life as in the real world.

Before going out on a vacation or to a party, if you think that it isn't enjoyable and not fun or it doesn't worth your time, you might be right. But instead of thinking about this negativity, It's better to discover it on your own. You may realize that the negative is not always realistic, what our mind thought unless we do them on our own.

5. Give Yourself Some Rewards

Doing new things, no matter if it's small or big, always think that you are unique and you have done this which might be done by others, or others need the practice to do those things.

When you achieve a goal no matter how big/or small it is, you might celebrate it. You don't have to celebrate it with cake or with friends, just recognize your own success which is a great power/weapon to fight depression.

Success in a specific work will keep you away from self-talk about negativity and overthinking.

6. Don't Hesitate To Do Something Which You Enjoy Or Love To Do

Depression can lead to thinking of doing hard work all the time, and when you don't get success you feel bad.

It's ok to stop at that moment and start doing what you love to do and try something new and fun. Taking a break from your everyday work and doing something relaxing will keep you motivated.

If you do painting and you get bored, it's ok to play some video games at that time, or ride, or talk with friends.

Every time finding something new in your life will upraise your mood and energy levels which let you feel motivated and happy.

7. Start Listening To Music

You understand or not it helps every time, my all-time personal choice

Though Research shows that listening to music boost your mood and feels you relaxed and happy and gets you out of the symptoms of depression. It may also help you strengthen your reception of positive emotions.

8. Get Engaged With Nature

Mother nature has the power to let you feel happy and joy once feel those beautiful plantations, flowers, birds, and sky and listen to their voice. It calms your mind.

Most of the meditation music you heard was the sound of nature only.

Research suggests people who spend time in nature have improved mental health.

Getting exposed to sunlight offer some of the benefits of good mood also for good reason as well. It can increase your serotonin levels, which can provide a temporary mood boost.

9. Practice Meditation

The best way to stay away from stress, depression, or anxiety in your life is by practicing meditation.

I'll soon write a blog on how to start meditation and my own opinion on meditation, and how I started.

Research also shows that doing activities like meditation, yoga, and stretching, can relieve your mind and leads to improving your sense of well-being you can stay connected to your body and mind and can trash out useless things from your mind.

10. Choose The Correct Foods And Nutrition.

The type of food you eat, describe who you're. This doesn't mean that eating healthy for a day or so will make you happy, you have to choose good nutritional food for your whole life.

From my blogs and my stories, you know how food affects your body and brain to think differently.

Food has a significant impact on your mind, and how you feel for the next of the day.

It's so true that avoiding sugar and junk foods can feel you a better and happy better mood.

The better you eat, the healthy you will be, the happiest you feel

11. Spend Time With Love Once Or Write

You might have someone who understands you and listen to your all thoughts and your bad time journey, Give you a solution. If you have understanding parents do share your feelings with them as well.

Feel free to share your feelings with them. Sharing your hard time emotions help you get out from the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Experiencing, if you're alone and no one has time to listen to you, and to whom you share something don't understand you, don't feel alone because in this fast pace busy world everyone has their own life.

Best to have a diary and write your every thought in there you will feel good and writing is also considered as an achievement, praise yourself for that as well.

12. Add a Workout Routine, Or Have A Walk Listing To Music.

Exercise and any kind of physical activities is the powerful weapon to say no to depression.

Research suggests that, for some people, exercise can be as effective as medication at relieving depression symptoms.

If you don't love to do workouts, it's ok

But do any physical activities like dancing, walking, cycling, swimming, etc., all are beneficial.

13. Read Or listen to Novels

Reading or listing to novels if you love to do, can motivate you to do something amazing and boost up your mind.

Find the best interesting novel for you and start listening by closing your eyes and giving peace to your brain by not indulging in everyday problems in this world.

14. Get Enough Sleep And Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Everyone gives the least priority to having slept at night and they sleep anytime during the day.

Sleep at night helps you to improve hormone balance in your body and the health of your brain.

Having 7-8hours of sleep every night helps to reduce symptoms of depression and make you healthy.

Our English poem "early to bed, early to rise. Make a human(equality) healthy wealthy, and wise" is not false

Having a good sleep cycle like getting into bed and waking up at the same time helps you with your daily schedule. Getting this proper amount of sleep balances your energy and mood and motivates you to do your work as well.

15. Use Less Social Media Platforms And Avoid Porn.

Social media is not a big issue, but when you start using it much and start comparing life with other becomes the main factor when come to depression.

Believing anything of someone's in social media is false in their real life. Everyone shows their best sides on social media, and you feel that you're a loser.

Everyone has unique capabilities to something. Everyone starts small and achieved success with hard work.

Porn on the other hand is the quick fix of getting those reward hormones to raise (dopamine).

Doing nothing and getting the reward, doesn't motivate you to do any work and you feel guilty. Limit your masturbation to get your dopamine up, instead do some work to get that pleasure.

Stay healthy and stay happy...

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Jun 15, 2020

Thank uh for writing a content which is increasing day by day ...and how we can cope with that situation


Jun 15, 2020

Please share how to meditate..

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