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Important Of Protein And How Much

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

This article is evidence based: click the - (R-link) to see the research or that particular study.

As in our previous blog we have understood the concept about protein and how it is beneficial for human growth. But in this we will understand the importance of protein and amino profiles in detail.

We need all the 20 amino acids to get a building block of protein to maintain a proper balance. Although our body naturally produces all the 11 amino acids profile out of 20 but we need to have foods to complete these 9 essential amino acids.

A normal human with daily home based foods can complete all the 9 essential amino acid profiles and adding lean protein rich foods like chicken, eggs, fish can easily complete this essential amino acid profile easily.

Protein does most of the work for the brain and the cells in the human body, so what's that? Let's understand.

Maintaining the Body And Helps In growth.

Absolutely, from our blog understanding protein you know that growth of hairs and nails are to be done by the help of protein only. But, it's not just end here.

Your body also need protein to growth of cells and tissues. Our body is smart enough to break down protein from its own cells if we don't fulfill the needs of protein requirements from foods. If we eat less amount of protein then body always requires protein to repair cells and tissues, inappropriate amount of protein in human body leads to breakdown of muscle protein cells.

One study has found that if you're not having enough protein then in periods of illness, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, the body breaks protein from its own cells to fulfill the body's needs. (R-link) (R-link) (R-link)

People recovering from an injury or surgery, older adults and athletes require more protein as well. (R-link) (R-link) (R-link)

Protein Help Build Body Structure.

There are some proteins which are fibrous and help cells and tissues to grow and give shape, stiffness and rigidity. Some proteins like collagen combined with other proteins create a structure in one's body. (R-link)

Collagen - it is the protein that is found in your bones, tendons, ligament and skin and helps them to develop. Foods rich in this protein are bone broth, egg whites, chicken, fish, berries, tropical fruits, garlic etc. (R-link)

Protein like elastin helps to stretch the body tissues and as the name suggests it is way elastic and helps to return the muscles tissue in their original shape though after stretching and contracting. (R-link)

Though this elastin protein is also helpful in contraction and relaxation of lungs, uterus, arteries, stomach etc.

While having protein from foods we get every type as well.

Protein helps to transfer the body's messages.

As we know that proteins build and repair cells and tissues, though they transfer messages to cells to cells, where to perform the tasks. In simple words, it creates a communication between cells and tissues and organs to provide a repairing process.

Whether our body has no or less protein, then breakdown of muscles from our own body will send signals from one part to another.

They’re made and secreted by several tissues or glands and then transported in your blood to their target tissues or organs where they need to repair the cells with the help of protein receptors.

Group Of Hormones such as:

Protein : made up of several amino acids

Steroid : made up of fats, testosterone, sex hormones, and estrogen.

Amines: made up of some amino acids and related to sleep hormones melatonin

Protein which make most of your body hormones are:

  • Insulin

  • Glucagon

  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone)

  • Cortisol Regulating Hormone

Helps in several body functions.

Protein is not only use to repair of cells and tissues but also have many biochemical functions as well which takes place outside of your cells (R-link)

Protein allows to combine several molecules inside the cells because protein has a structure of enzymes which allows it to enter the molecules inside the cells and this helps in maintaining the body's metabolism. (R-link)

It was also found that protein also may work outside the cells with lactates which helps in digestion of sugar.

Some other enzymes combined with protein require other molecules such as vitamins and minerals for the reaction. These bodies functions are:

  • Digestion

  • Energy production

  • Blood clotting

  • Muscle contraction

Lack of this enzymes leads to several diseases (R-link)

Having too much protein bad for you?

As in our previous blog owe have discussed how much protein is required from which type of individuals.

Some people are always afraid that having too much protein can lead to kidney problems.

Though it's not true.

If you already have a weak kidney or have ongoing kidney problems then it's better to recommend your doctor about your protein goals.

If you're not an athlete or don't workout then you don't need enough protein because protein has calories which might increase your weight.

For normal humans 0.8 to 1gram per kg of body weight is enough and for athletes they need it as per their daily activities.

Protein takes lots of effort to digest so take a walk after a heavy protein diet gets settle.

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Somnath banerjee
Somnath banerjee
Aug 23, 2020

If you're already suffering from onset kidney issue then you must recommend your doctor before consumption of protein intake. Thank you mohit.


Somnath banerjee
Somnath banerjee
Aug 23, 2020

Alright, no actual not. Over consumption of protein do not affect in kidney problems or heart problems. Heart problems only occurs due to high saturated fats or tans fat consumption. Though you know most of the animals with high in protein have high saturated fats. Supplements are good when you only want to complete your protein goals but supplement can only give you 24grms of protein only. But if you're only taking supplement for protein then you're missing out benifits minerals and vitamins from whole foods like zinc in egg and b12 which you can't get from protein supplements.


Aug 22, 2020

do excessive protein intake result in kidney failure or kind of heart related problems??

and why we should not just rely on the supplements only,i dont find a problem depending upon supplements?whats ur views fitgoal tips??


Somnath banerjee
Somnath banerjee
Aug 19, 2020

Yea rather then just thinking to build muscle with those supplements and protein intake.


Aug 19, 2020

This is great brother, people should know about the essence of proteins in our diet and body

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