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Health Benefits Of Fasting

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Fasting is one of the oldest culture for centuries and plays a role in religions and cultures.

In todays world no one takes fasting seriously, most of the western culture basically. Because of this the obesity rate is increasing day by day. Rate of increasing obesity also matter for another reasons like over eating, junk foods, lack of workout, lack of knowledge about nutrition.

Indians do follow fasting, but it's only because of religions or cultural factors. As in my previous blog "Complete Beginner Guide For Fasting" i have said that fasting must be practiced and done for it's amazing benefits.

Many people do have myths that fasting will make you weak, loss muscle mass or slows down your metabolism, then I'll probably cover this in my next blog. I'll let you know my own opinion on intermittent fasting as well as prolonged fasting because, i have tried both as well as science based opinion.

Lets Discuss The Major Benefits Of Doing Fasting

All the discussion and benifits are for prolonged fasting (24-72hrs fast)

1. Helps In Weight Management Or Weight Loss.

It is found that fasting is the easy and the quick way to loss some pound of weight, if done correctly as discussed in my previous blog "complete beginner Guide For Fasting".

As you don't take any amount of calories for certain period of time so you be in overall caloric deficit which help you to reduce the amount of weight.

In fact, one review showed that whole-day fasting could reduce body weight by up to 9% and significantly decrease body fat over 12–24 weeks. (link)

Another review found that intermittent fasting over 3–12 weeks was as effective in inducing weight loss as continuous calorie restriction and decreased body weight and fat mass by up to 8% and 16% respectively. (link)

2. Fasting Boost Your Metabolism.

Yes, it's true. When you're not consuming food for certain amount of time, body becomes very much efficient of breaking down food much faster and absorb all nutrition from the food. Fasting heal up the systems of body and increase the levels if neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is the key to the process of weight loss. (link)

3. Fasting Increase Growth Hormone Secretion.

Human growth hormone (HGH) is very much important in many aspects and is the type of protein harmone produce by the body by it's own. It helps in weight management or weight loss, lean muscle mass, hair growth, increase testosterone, quality sleep, good mood etc. (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)

One study in 11 healthy adults showed that fasting for 24 hours significantly increased levels of HGH. (Link)

Their are many studies done by science of fasting vs HGH

4. Fasting Can Help In Blood Sugar Control

Many studies have found that fasting may improve the blood sugar level and help, especially for those who are in the risk or have chance of diabetes.

Not eating for long make insulin sensitivity, allowing to transport Glucose from bloodstream to your cells more efficiently.

One study in 10 people with type 2 diabetes showed that short-term intermittent fasting significantly decreased blood sugar levels. (Link)

Note: Fasting might effect on blood sugar levels differently in both men and female. (Link)

5. Fasting Can Promote Better Health

Fasting have the benefits of promoting better health by fighting inflammation, when we don't eat out body get into autophagy mode where body eat their own old or dead cells and produce new cells and flush out bad cells, and heal up internal body organs.

Fasting heals the liver and reduce the fat accumulation in the area of liver which helps the liver to work efficiently.

Inflammation can leads to heart disease, Cancer etc which is done in research. (Link)

One study in 50 healthy adults showed that intermittent fasting for one month significantly decreased levels of inflammatory markers. (Link)

Many research have been done for fasting vs inflammation

6. Fasting May Improve Heart Health.

It is discussed earlier also that fasting helps increase in heart health by improving blood pressure , and cholesterol levels.

In this world, having high amount of junk foods increase the level of bad cholesterol in our body which leads to several heart disease.

Weak heart become a factor also because of lack of workout and leads to cardiovascular disease.

Many research have found that, to keep you heart healthy fasting can be your best companion.

One small study revealed that eight weeks of alternate-day fasting reduced levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood triglycerides by 25% and 32% respectively.

7. Fasting May Improve Brain Function

The research is still to be done in human, many studies are done in animals.

I have done fasting and do fasting a lot and seen significant high energy levels and focus brain.

I have searched a lot but only found research of mice that fasting have improved brain functions on them. And fasting have powerful effects on their brain

One study in mice showed that practicing intermittent fasting for 11 months improved both brain function and brain structure.

Humans studies are still needed to be done. I'll update once i found any.

These are some of the health benefits of fasting, i hope you have understood how fasting in our life is very much important.

Stay happy and stay healthy

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Jun 12, 2020

great blog... really found it helpful .. keep it up brother 👍

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