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Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In today’s world, fitness is term as losing that abdominal fat and get those abs.

Looks like abdomen is the favorite place for the body to store up all the fats. Fitness is always been related to abdomen fat, and if you don’t have that, you’re not fit.

Having tons of abdominal fats have a strong correlation with having type 2 diabetes in upcoming future and heart disease as well, so losing that fat have significantly have many benefits to one health and your body will thank you.

Many come to me asking – how to lose these belly fat and here I come with all your answers.

It’s also true that we cannot target fats to lose, fat accumulation in our body is done equally.

But, many do have this problem of belly fat, especially in women and some men. This is said to be skinny fat or stubborn fat as well.

No fat accumulation over the body, but in the belly only.

So here are some of the things you should start doing, to lose your belly fat and this things are based on science and worked mostly on everyone.

If after reading this article you can’t able to understand how then I’m here to help you out.

1. Eat More Protein.

Protein always come in the first priority when it’s come to any health problem and protein also help in losing weight or help gain muscles as well.

Visa versa protein is the most important macronutrients when it comes to weight lose among other two that is carbohydrate and fats.

That’s why whenever I make diet plan for someone, I always consider protein as my first thing to go. Not only protein help with weight loss but other body functions as well.

Many of the research is done regarding protein and you can understand more about protein inCLICK this article

Many research have found that eating enough protein can reduce craving by 55-60% and have the tendency to boost metabolism by 70-100 calories each day and if you’re in a 2000 calories diet, then it can help you to eat approximately 400-450 less calories per day as well.

Adding enough protein in your diet will boost up your main goals to lose weight significantly.

And research also found that not only protein will help you to lose weight but also help you to avoid gain those weight as well.

In another study it was found that, people who eat more protein have flat belly then the one who avoid protein.

So it was found that protein can help leads to lose belly fat and give you flat belly as well.

One of the study shown by The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition have found that, women with belly fat for more than 5 years, buy consuming more protein from diet significantly reduce their belly fat.

This study also said that, refined carbohydrate and bad Trans and more saturated fats leads to belly fat whereas vegetables and fruits help to reduce them as well.

People must get their on average of about 25-30% diet from protein itself to see some amazing benefits with some physical activity.

To understand more regarding protein, what to eat – READ this article.

2. Avoid Refined Sugar or Much Sugary Drinks.

We always know that those white cubes aren’t very healthy for our health, but these white cubes are not at all healthy for your health only.

Eating more sugary foods affect your metabolic health and leads you to gain weight or abdominal fats.

Research shows that sugar can leads to fatty liver or nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the metabolic syndrome that leads to increase in obesity.

Consuming more sugar leads you to feel hungrier because sugary foods don’t contain nutrient and which leads to fat accumulation due to the unused energy from our body.

Our liver will store the excess glucose as a fat which leads to obesity and fatty liver.

Over consumption of sugar leads to insulin sensitivity as well and leads to type 2 diabetes.

Liquid sugar drinks are more dangerous because brain failed to register the food which we eat because we don’t chew those calories which leads to feel hungrier after having liquid sugar drink and end up consuming more calories.

No problem at all, I'll drink zero cola to enjoy those sugary drinks then.

No, let me give you a fact. Always calories don’t matters, sometime nutrition matters as well. If you’re eating foods with no nutrition you’ll store fat.

Let’s take an example

A 100 Gram apple is 52 calories and 100 Gram Cola is 38 Calories – which will make you fat?

- Cola is the answer

A 100 Gram Cola is 100 Calories and A 100 Gram Diet Cola is 0 Calories – Which will make you fat?

- Diet Cola

The thing which don’t get register by our brain as a nutrition you’ll end up getting hungrier.

A study have shown that children where 60% more likely to be obese because of additional serving of sugar or sugary drinks.

Try to avoid sugar from your diet and completely eliminate sugary drinks.

Avoid fruit juice as well, because its work as same as a cola – instead eat whole fruits which contain fibers.

3. Eat Fibrous foods

Today most of the people are unable to hit their fiber goals because very few are finding fruits and vegetable tasty.

But we don’t know, the thing we ignore play a big role in weight loss. Fibers which are soluble and viscous fibers help you in weight loss because this fibers have tick gel which sits in your gut.

This gel leads to slow down the flow of food through your digestive track and leads to slow absorption of nutrition which is the plus point of feeling fuller for longer period of time and reduce appetite and hence weight loss.

One of the study with 5 years’ time found that consuming around 10 grams of soluble fiber can lead to reduction of 4% in abdominal fat and 10% decrease in calories intake if one consume 14 grams of more fibers per day.

Having more amount of fruits and vegetable can give you plenty of fibers and help you with weight loss as well.

4. Avoid Alcohol

We have always heard about beer belly, little is not a problem but too much can have seriously harmful effect to health.

Research suggest that too much alcohol consumption can leads to gain belly fat and make you obese and fatty liver and damage brain as well.

Many different studies have shown that excess alcohol consumption can significantly leads to store excess fat in stomach area or around the waist.

One study can show that, the one who drink alcohol per day have more belly fat than the one who consume in moderation. This study was done by more than 2000 people.

Cutting back on alcohol can help reduce waist size.

5. Exercise Regularly And Avoid Stress

Exercise is one of the best thing when keeping our body strong and exercise is the best choice to stay strong and an option for a living a long healthy life and as well as avoid disease.

Doing regular exercise can also lead to lose belly fat as well.

Now don’t just go and do some crunches because spot reduction is not possible. We have to train our overall body to see positive results.

In 6 week study, it was found the doing abdominal crunches or training abdominal muscles had no effect on reducing the amount of fat.

We always need to focus of both weight training and cardiovascular exercise to get those benefits.

One study found that doing weight training regularly will reduce fat permanently and prevent people from regaining abdominal fat after weight loss.

Exercise regularly also leads to reduce blood sugar levels, improve metabolism, reduce inflammation in body and reduce belly fat and overall body fat as well.

Stress is one of the major factor when its coming for weight loss, too much stress induces cortisol hormone which effect testosterone levels and unbalance other important hormones as well.

Research also shows that increase in cortisol levels can leads to increase appetite when leads to overeating and end up eating more calories.

To reduce stress, practice yoga, meditation which is the very effective method to reduce stress levels.

6. Track What You Eat

Tracking calories is importantread this article to know more

People eat much more amount of foods but they think they had eaten less because they might feel less energetic due to some reason and end up eating more.

Many people also think that they are getting much protein and fibers but having tons of refined carbs and sugar.

It’s easy to overestimate foods, so tracking calories will come handy.

You don’t have to measure foods, doing something for a row will let you understand the estimate value of the foods you eat.

For example - handful of peanuts weights approximately 28 grams

Planning like this will lead you to achieve your goals.


Reducing belly fat isn’t that hard, remember this things to do and you will achieve it. If also you can’t able to do so then you can ask me about any problem.

Be sure nothing can be achieved within a days or months, it take time and dedication. Keep doing the right thing.

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