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DHT Vs Hair Loss

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

What Is DHT?

DHT or also known as Dihydrotestosterone and it is similar to testosterone that contributes to hair loss in both male and female.

It is amazing to know that our body naturally makes DHT from testosterone present in our body and uses 5% of testosterone and other enzymes to make DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

If we don't take foods which help to flow these enzymes then we can see hair loss. We will discuss the foods in our next blogs.

In today's world hair loss is a common issue mostly in men. Womens also do have this problem but it was found that the result in women is way less than men.

It was believed that the sex hormones in the body is responsible for the underlying issues of male hair loss. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is a type of androgen which is related to sex hormone in male and give male characteristics such as body hairs. But this DHT can lead you to lose hair as well.

There are treatments to stop this issue, let's discuss how to delay or stop this hair loss problem, and how testosterone and DHT work together and how they are related to your hair.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) Functions

As in our testosterone blog we have understood a lot of things about testosterone and how they help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and we must need optimal amounts of testosterone in both male and females.

DHT is also derived by testosterone, and it's an androgen so its basically a male sex hormones that contributes male characters like

  • A deep voice.

  • Increase Body Hair.

  • Increase muscle mass.

  • Change In Reproductive Parts.

We know that we need to maintain a healthy amount of testosterone throughout the life as it relates to DHT and also to keep muscles mass, sexual health and mood.

As we know that testosterone produces DHT with other enzymes. Once this DHT starts flowing through your bloodstream then they link to hair scalp receptors, causing them to drink and your scalp becomes less capable to support hair in your head.

DHT not only cause hair problems but also:

  • Heart problems

  • Slow healing problem

  • Prostate enlargement or Cancer

What If You Have Less Dihydrotestosterone(DHT)

As like testosterone if you have too less testosterone then you can suffer from various health problems like obesity, fatigue, low energy etc.

It's the same and if you are suffering from low levels of DHT then you have problems with sexual problems and delaying puberty in both male and females because DHT is linked with testosterone production.

It's said that low DHT levels do not effect in women in any ways but do effect in male because it's male sex drive. Low DHT level also cause:

  • Unbalanced storing of body fat percentage

  • Suffering conditions like gynecomastia

  • Increase risk of prostate tumors

  • Late or incomplete development of sex organs

  • Low libido

DHT Vs Genetics

While reading this you might probably think that hair loss or early baldness are just genetic things like growth of height, and it's true.

We know that if DHT flows to blood stream and get to scalp and bind with scalp then it will pass on the speed flow of DHT on your blood stream affecting the hairs

For Example: if your father is suffering from hair baldness then you also can experience early hair baldness as you age because DHT tends to be more pronounced. The size and shape of the head also contribute to how fast DHT can affect hair loss.

DHT and Hair Loss

It's a loop cycle of hair growth and loss. Hair is everywhere in our body and they grow longer from time to time. Structure underneath your skin called as follicles help to stand and gown the hair and help to hold the hair with the skin.

Follicles are the only thing which get affected by DHT when DHT flows through the bloodstream.

When we shave or cut our hair, the same hair will grow back out of the follicle from the root of hair from the skin. When their growth is done, then the resting phase begins and hair starts to fall and after a few months of hair growth. Then after that follicles produce new hairs after the hair falling phase. This falling phase is not done at once.

So how does DHT take role in this cycle?

DHT actually slows down this cycle and shrinks those hair follicles and shortens those cycles, which affects unhealthy hair growth, causing hair to glow thinner, brittle and fall out more faster.

DHT can also make it take longer for your follicles to grow new hairs once old hairs fall out.

Testosterone Vs DHT

Testosterone is the produced DHT and testosterone is the very Important hormone in both males and females body. It is important for various sexually and physiological processes and they are:

  • Regulation sex hormones levels throughout the body

  • Regulating Sperm Count or production

  • Preserving Bone Density

  • Preserving Muscle Mass

  • Help distribute fat throughout the body

  • Regulating moods and energy levels.

DHT is the same as Testosterone and also participates in both sexual and physiological processes but DHT is way more stronger.

DHT can bind to an androgen receptor longer, increasing the impact of testosterone production throughout your body.

We wi discuss more about DHT and how to reduce DHT production to over come from male baldness or female hairloss with foods.


DHT is a well-known, major cause of male pattern hair loss linked to both your natural genetic to hair loss as well as natural processes in your body that cause you to lose hair as you age.

Plenty of hair loss treatments addressing DHT are available, and reducing hair loss may make you feel more confident about your appearance in your everyday life. But talk to a doctor first, as not all treatments may be safe or effective for you.

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Somnath banerjee
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