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Benefits of meditation

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This article is evidence based: click the - (link) to see the research or that particular study.

Meditation is said because of focus and a calm mind. Today in this fast pace world people are so much into jobs and into family problems that they forget about being touched with nature.

People have forgotten about calmness of mind and how it helps ease up several tasks in our day to day life.

Meditation is one meditation which can help to calm our mind, our soul and our body and give us peace and that motivational mindsets to complete the task.

Meditation teaches us how to be in the present and forget about the past. Thinking about the past many people feel guilt and this may lead to suicides.

Once the person starts meditation then they will surely understand the power of doing that.

If you're suffering from depression and anxiety problems and went to the doctor or you had your counselling then you must have heard the word "start doing meditation".

We use to go to the gym to work our body and our muscles so that they can build bigger and stronger muscles, as gym or workout meditation also helps to train our brain to focus and redirect your thoughts.

You can also start doing meditation to know about yourself, increase awareness about you and your surroundings. As with depression, it is said that meditation helps to reduce stress and develop concentration and confidence.

Many people or mongs believe that meditation can help you tolerate several pain, help to heal inner body damage, increase self discipline, self motivation, enhanced mood and many more.

Let's talk about the main benefits of meditation in detail.

1. Meditation Vs Addictions

Are you someone who tries to quit alcohol but always fails to do so? It's because you don't have mental awareness or mental discipline in yourself. You lose control on the unnecessary things and need to increase self control.

It is said that meditation can help to increase self as well as mental discipline and improve addiction control in one individual. Meditation increases self awareness to control any particular things.

Many research shows that meditation can lead to increased motivation to not to do negative or unnecessary things by increasing the willpower, controlling their emotions and impulses and letting them understand the cause or the harm behind doing their addictive behaviours. (link) (link)

One of the studies, in which they taught 19 alcoholic addicted persons how to meditate. By this journey it was found that they reduce the craving for alcohol addictions or addiction related stresses. (link)

Another study said that by doing meditation, 14 individuals have reduced their food cravings and binge eating as well. (link)

2. Meditation Vs Stress

In today's fast paced world people have to do several things at once and get stressed out with their daily busy schedules.

Stress, depression have become the main reasons in today's world because people start meditation.

In one study with about 3500 adults practised meditation and it was shown that they feel less or no stress from their daily schedules. (link)

As with our previous blogs we know about our stress hormone cortisol which leads to many health problems, depression, low mood, health problems, low testosterone levels, promoting inflammation and many other health problems.

Having stress also affects sleep, promotes depression and anxiety problems, increases blood pressure levels, anger, early fatigue etc.

In one study, it was found that meditation decreases the inflammation in the body produced by stress. (link)

One study was done with 1300 individuals, they practiced meditation and found reduction in stress levels. It was also found that participants with very high levels of stress also get benefit from this. (link)

Meditation also shows other benefits like good bowel movement, head pains, etc (link) (link) (link)

3. Meditation Vs Anxiety

As like stress, anxiety can also lead to many problems.

It was found that today's generation takes social media, gamings, and other stuff seriously which leads to anxiety in an individual.

A study conducted for 8 weeks, found that meditation can decrease several anxiety problems. The participants reduce their anxiety levels.

Meditation also reduces the symptoms of anxiety disorders, social anxiety, bad thoughts, unnatural behaviours, or panic attacks. (link)

Another study, 18 participants have done regular meditation for 3years and haven't seen long term anxiety problems at all. (link)

A large study with 2,466 participants have participated in meditation programmes and reduces their anxiety levels. (link)

Yoga is shown to be the best practice to reduce the anxiety levels because yoga let you practice about meditation as well as physical activities (link)

4. Meditation Vs Emotional Health

Most of the people get demotivated easily due to failure in jobs or in projects and don't love to try it again. There are some kinds of meditation which will help you to improve your self confidence and improve your awareness to do the things again and again.

Meditation gives you positivity.

In over 4,600 peoples it was found that doing mindful meditation decreases depression levels in two different studies. (link) (link)

An study with 18 volunteers, practised meditation for 3years and found that they decreased long term depression levels (link)

Meditation also reduces stress and cortisol levels, which helps to improve mental stability and improve mood. Several studies have found that meditation can lead to a decrease in this chemical and improve mood. (link)

It was found that those who do regular meditation, improve emotional health and get good positivity on them. (link)

5. Meditation Vs Attention Span

As said, as go to the gym to lift weight to make strong muscles and bones, meditation also helps to build a focused mind. It helps to increase the attention span of an individual.

An 8week study found that, by doing mindful meditation courses, participants improved their mental ability to focus and give attention for something for a longer period of time. (link)

One study with Human Resources workers, they practiced mindful meditation regularly, they can now focus on a task for a longer period of time. Not only they able to focus, they also able to remember their task for a long period of time as well (link)

It was found that meditation can help to reduce mind wandering, poor concentration, worrying about something. It was also found that just doing meditation for 4 days can increase their attention span. (link) (link)

Conclusion :

There are more benefits of meditation and we will discuss them in our next blog. Meditation is the best free medicine in nature with a lot of amazing health Benefits. Start doing meditation for 5-10mins and gradually increase your time.

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