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How I transformed myself

Story of my


Hello everyone,

I’m Somnath Banerjee, a 25 - year - old mechanical engineer and fitness trainer with extensive knowledge in gym training, home workouts, resistance band exercises, yoga, HIIT, flexibility and mobility, and nutrition.

I acquired this knowledge through countless hours of videos, reading various books, and studying research papers. Additionally, I am a certified nutritionist, assisting clients in weight management, reversing diabetes and cholesterol levels, and even overcoming my own migraine issues.

Currently, I am in peak physical condition, but it wasn’t always this way. Five years ago, I weighed 85 kg. Through dedication, I transformed my body, reaching a shredded 63 kg and subsequently gaining lean muscle mass to 74 kg.

Throughout my journey, I have experienced numerous aspects of gym workouts, faced many hurdles, and gained a deep understanding of nutrition and body mechanics through extensive research.

I also discovered that there are many myths about nutrition and learned how a proper workout can expedite reaching fitness goals. I’m inspired by Chris Heria, who taught me that one proper rep can be more beneficial than hundreds of sloppy reps.

How did I transform my body?

Motivation is crucial to starting any endeavor. Initially, I lacked purpose, motivation, and confidence. At 85 kg, I had primary issues like low self-esteem and secondary problems such as migraines and poor focus on my studies.

When I was overweight, my diet consisted of junk food like pizza, Coca-Cola, ice cream, and samosas, neglecting homemade meals.

My life at 85 kg

I barely passed my 10th grade and then started college, where my parents suggested pure science for my 11th and 12th grades. I had no motivation or confidence, but I agreed.

Pure science was popular back then, and my optional subject was computer science. I struggled with my studies, finding them much harder than before. After completing 12th grade, I took a year off due to various problems and a lack of knowledge about engineering. In 2017, I began my mechanical engineering studies at my parents’ insistence. It was my first time living in a hostel, and I felt lost.

I hadn’t planned on studying mechanical engineering, but I made many friends and enjoyed my hostel life without parental oversight. Despite playing a lot of PC games, I maintained good grades in my first year. One day, while watching others play outside, I realized my life lacked fitness.

I initially tried the college gym but soon switched to playing basketball, inspired by my roommate, a champion player. Watching fitness videos on YouTube sparked my interest in body mechanics.

I resumed gym workouts, changed my eating habits, and after three months of consistent exercise, I noticed changes in my body. Feeling more motivated, I continued to learn about nutrition.

I also practiced meditation, and with daily workouts, proper nutrition, meditation, patience, and consistency, I achieved my fitness goals within 12 months.

My daily routine included waking up at 3:30 AM, working out, eating healthy foods, studying diligently, reading novels, and sleeping at 10 PM.

Through this period, I learned three key lessons:

  1. Dedication, consistency, and patience are essential for success.

  2. Stay humble and be open to learning from everyone.

  3. Even a seemingly foolish person can provide valuable insights.

Understand your WHY, listen to yourself, and realize that not everyone is right.

Overcoming my migraine problems and transforming my life in that one year felt like a rebirth. With my extensive experience, I have gained deep insights into health and fitness, helping many people change their lives. I founded Fitgoaltips in 2019 to share this knowledge and continue to inspire others.

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