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How I transformed myself

Story of my


Who am I?

Hello everyone reading this, I’m Somnath Banerjee, 23 Years old mechanical engineer and also a fitness trainer with vast knowledge In GYM training, Home workouts, Resistance band workouts, Yoga, HIIT, flexibility and mobility, and nutrition.

I learned all these things by watching hours of videos, reading different books, research papers, and many more, with all this I’m also a nutritionist and help many clients with weight management, reversed diabetes and cholesterol levels, and also resolved my personal migraine problems as well.

As fit as I’m right now, I always don’t look like that, 5 Years ago I was 85Kgs and changed my life to shredded 63 Kgs and gained lean muscle mass to 74Kgs.

In this journey of my life, I have experienced everything starting from GYM workouts, the hurdles have to face while doing workouts, and a lot about nutrition with millions of study papers, I have also understood how our bodies’ mechanism works.

With all these things I also got to know that there are lots of myths about nutrition are there in this world and also get to know how a proper workout can help us reach our fitness goals faster in no time.

I love videos’ of Crish Heria where I have learned that: A 1 Proper 1 rep can do wonders than 100s of sloppy reps in workouts.

How do I transform my body?

Lots of motivation is required to do anything at first and to start anything we need to go with baby steps and need to understand the main reason - why we need to do these things and what’s the purpose.

When I was 85 Kgs I definitely don’t have any purpose in my life, no motivation, and no confidence at all which all are my primary problems, and my secondary problems were migraine, no focus on studies, and so on.

When you’re fat, just eating bad junk foods, your brain also doesn't work at the pace that it is capable of and the same happens with me as well.

I use to eat pizza, coca cola, Ice Cream, and Samosa each and every day and forgot about ghar ka khana.


My Life with 85Kgs

Somehow I managed to pass 10th and then started my journey in college my parents also asked me to go with pure science as my 11th and 12th stream.

I said: Okay - because I have no motivation or confidence.

Pure science used to be a craze those days and my optional subject was computer science. I don't feel motivated at all to do my studies neither I love to because the 11th and 12th subjects are not as easy as they use to be before the 10th but again somehow I completed my 12th as well.


I took 1 Year gap in my studies due to some problems and a lack of knowledge of engineering. With my parent's decision, I started my engineering in 2017 (mechanical stream). This is my life’s first time being in a hostel. I was confused and asked myself: what’s going on!!!!

Anyway, I haven’t thought of taking admission in the mechanical stream but still started my first year made many friends and enjoyed my hostel days because there are no one to ask me anything, no one to give me advice, and I was free from the dependence of my parents.

As the first year passed away but with good marks, I use to play a lot of PC Games. One day a thing came no my mind while watching everyone playing outside. What I’m doing with my life with no fitness at all.

I tried going to the college gym but for a few days, then I started playing basketball because my roommate is a champion in it. Then I started watching YouTube videos regarding fitness and when I get to understand - How our body’s mechanism works it amazed me.

Then again I started going to the gym, changed my eating habits, learned everything and after 3 months of constant gyming I have seen changes in my body, I used to feel more motivated and I keep on doing what I’m doing and learning more about nutrition in depth.

I also learned meditation as well and with daily practice in a workout, nutrition, meditation, patience, and consistency I have achieved my fitness level within 12 Months.

Every day I use to wake up at 3:30 Am, go to the GYM, eat healthy foods, understand the facts in the college so that I can pass my exam, read novels in the library, and sleep at 10 Pm.

While this time I understood 3 Things

  • Dedication, consistency, and patience is the key to success

  • Never be egoistic in any field and learn new things with everyone.

  • A stupid person will give you the most answers.

  • Understand your WHY.

  • Not everyone is right, listen to yourself.

I resolved my migraine problems, changed my life, and learned many things. It’s like that one year gave me new birth in my life.

With so much experience, I have understood a lot regarding health and fitness and helped many changed their life, and started fitgoaltips in 2019

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