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Important Of Calories Tracking

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

While in the phase of losing weight you might not understand how much calories a specific food is holding on and you may eat a lot of them.

For example : If you eat a packet of chips you might not feel that your full but unfortunately you have consumed around 350-400 empty calories.

As like losing some pounds gaining lean muscle is challenging as well. You have to eat more and also use those calorie at the same time. Gaining muscles looks challenging because whole clean foods have less calories and vegetables have negligible amount of calories in them.

So you have to eat more to gain those lean muscle mass.

Here not only calories matter but also micro-nutrition as well as macro-nutrition matters as well. You must have to complete all your macro nutrition in a balanced way that is carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

So counting or written the foods will automatically help to to know how much calories you need to take from different macro-nutrition.

Each macro nutrition have different calories count i.e.,

Carbohydrate and protein contain around and 4calories where fats contain around 9calories.

So, here is a simple concept that if you need calories surplus then it's might be a good idea to add some more health fats into your diet and to be in a calories deficit decrease the amounts of fats.

Safe way to lose some weight while in calories count

Your might be wondering that i will have a lot less calories then to loss those fats faster, but it might be the wrong and an unhealthy choice not only for your body as well as for your brain.

Our brain only required around 1300 calorie every single day to function properly and their must be other parts of the body who need energy to function and calories from food is the one of the energy you get into your body to use as form of glucose.

The long term safest way to be in calories deficit to shredd those fats is take out your Basic metabolic rate(BMR). It is the number of calories your body burn during complete rest.

Their are many calculator online (link) to get your BMR. Or you can also do some mathem

atics calculation as well.

Women: BMR = 655 + (9.6 × weight in kg) + (1.8 × height in cm) – (4.7 × age in years).
Men: BMR = 66 + (13.7 × weight in kg) + (5 × height in cm) – (6.8 × age in years).

Then if you want to be in calories deficit it's a good Idea to reduce 200 calories and check you weight after a week, if your weight remains the same then keep reducing your calories intake by 50-60caloreis each week.

If you noticed that your have reduced some weight then be on that calories.

It's same for them as well who are in calories surplus.

Their are many apps in playstore/app store that will help you yo count the calories as well as how much calories you need and you can track your foods their.

Some of the apps are:-

1. Myfitnesspal (playstore link)

2. HealthifyMe (playstore link)

Okay, now i think that you have understood the role of calories in macros

Now it is also important to check you micro nutrition as well because those are the agents in our body who keep in check the proper functioning of our body. They are vitamins and minerals which you can get enough by eating some fruits and vegetables.

Calories Of the Diet Matters As Well

You have to keep in mind while tracking calories that your food which your having must be a wholesome food with packed of important nutrient.

As like early i have said that eating a packet of chips can give you around 300 empty calories.

Empty calories is the term used when the foods only contains calories with lots of simple sugar and don't have any nutritional values like protein , healthy fats, vitamins or minirals.

For example 100 calories of broccoli with affect your health as well as your fitness goals differently then a 100 calories french fries.
You can have have whole wheat Chapati of 120 calories which have a lots of nutrient then refined wheat Chapati which have 80 empty calories with no nutrition.

The foods with packed of nutrition also affect your hunger levels differently. As like if the food is wholesome with packed of nutrition with keep you full for long period lf time tho they have less calories

But a dozens of donuts will make you feel hungry very soon and also you end up eating way more calories as well as affecting your health.

So, at last i would like to conclude by that eat your food and track your calorie intake for effective results and eat full package nutritional wholesome foods for long term benifits.

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