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Discuss About Intermittent Fasting

We know about the benifits of fasting, discussed in my previous blog "Health Benefits Of Fasting" and also you get to know about many things regarding fasting.

You have come up with the words intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting.

In my Complete Beginner Guide For Fasting you have also get to know about how to start a safe fasting and get to know about 16:8 fasting or eat fast eat fasting.

Intermittent fasting is proved to be have the most health benefits,

Let's discuss about the different types of Intermittent fasting in details and know their benefits.

1. 16:8 Fasting Method

16:8 fasting method is the best way to get most lf the health benefits while fasting, all the discussed in my blog Health Benefits Of Fasting.

Its the type of fasting, one is restricted to eat for 16 hours and can eat for next 8 hours.

The one can also restrict eating window to 14 hours and can eat 10hours. Which is 14:10 fasting or circadian fasting. The one doing this fasting can add 3-4 big meal to achieve those daily recommend calories intake.

This fasting is the simplest way of fasting, here you can't eat anything after dinner and skipping breakfast and eat once the clocks ticks the time of 16 hours.

For example : if you had your dinner by 9p.m. at night then you can eat your food at 1p.m on the next day.

It's good to make a specific time to eat and stop each and every say for the great benefits of fasting. If you stop your dinner by 9 then try everyday to finish your dinner between 9 to 9:15 at night

Note : Its Generally recommend to women to fast for 14-15 hrs and no more then that because of some change in harmones and keep it slightly shorter.

You can have Black coffee, green tea, Apple cider vinegar while in fasting to suppress hunger.

Its very important to eat healthy food once you open your fast for the full benefits.

2. Alternative Days Fasting

In alternative days fasting, you have to fast for every other day of eating your food, it's said to be huge calories restrictions diet.

In this type of fasting, you can eat your food for a whole day and have to skip a foods for the whole 24 hours. You can add up some vegetables or fruits into you diet and eat around 200-300 calories on the day of fastings.

This way of fasting is not sustainable because you feel more hungry and might lose some daily minirals for your diet. Do take a recommendation from your doctor before starting this fasting method

3. Spontaneous Meals Skipping

As this fasting seems to be preety easy to do and you don't have to follow any routine, when to eat or not to eat. In this fasting method you can just skip you meal any day, may be your bussy for work and have your meal afterwards.

With this also you can able to have the fasting benifits as well.

It's a myth that missing meals can leads to bloating and get someone into starvation mode or can lose muscles. Our body is equipped to handle and conserve Long periods of famine.

Thus if you're not feel like to have your meal or not hungry, it's a good idea to skip a meal and get the benifits of fasting.

Always eat clean and healthy foods once you start eating your meals, don't feast.

4. Eat Stop Eat Method

As you can see that in this type of fasting, you are fasting for atleast 2 days a week for 24 hours and eat Normally for the next of the days. This type of fasting is Popularised by fitness expert Brad Pilon.

If you're looking for weight loss this method of fasting is very sustainable but also keep in mind to have clean whole foods while in a eating days and complete your calories intake.

Sometimes doing 24hours fast for everyone is not achievable, try starting by doing 14-16hours fast.

In this 24hrs fasting windows you can only have liquids which have zero calories

5. The 5:2 Fasting Method

In this method you can eat Normally for 5 days in a week and can only able to eat 500-600 calories for 2 days alternative in anyday of the week.

As this diet have no correct point out and no studies have been done on this 5:2 method , tho it's said to be have the same benifits of doing other fasting methods.

To be in 500-600 calories, try having vegetables because vegetables have very few calories and can feel you up for very long period of time. This diet is popularized by British journalist Michael Mosley.

6. The Warrior Method/Diet

As the name suggests, this method is a warriors types eating and is pretty hard to do.

In this diet you can only had to have one huge meal in a day and cannot eat anything for the rest of the day.

This method is hard because it's pretty hard to have all your calorie in one sitting and people with lowe appetite can suffer. Where intermittent fasting or a eat stop eat or 5:2 diet comes handy.

This diet is enjoyable because in your eating windows you can feast yourself. You can eat some small amount of fruits and vegetables while not eating your one huge meal.

This diet is popularized by fitness expert Ori Hofmekler.


Here are some of the fasting type you can choose, i always recommend choosing 14:10 or 16:8 hours fasting window, which is very sustainable and get all the health benefits without compromising the taste of food or sleep empty stomach.

Always remember to eat clean and healthy to get the benifits of fasting if you are serious in weight loss.

At last only the calories in Vs calories out matter.

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