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Adding Honey In Anything Warm Can Be Dangerous.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

As we all know that honey is the natural form of sugar which contains lots of various mineral, antioxidants, and also have some amino acid profile.

Honey is Said to be the wonder drugs from nature which have a lots of benifits with our health.

Honey benifits ranging from cleansing the gut, soothing an irritated throat, working wonders for the skin, relieving sinus symptoms among and other many useful benefits.

Yes you also might do things like adding honey in your hot coffee, tea or milk to get the taste of honey and some also think that it is way beneficial.

Sugar is sugar and in the form of natural or refined consumption of both are harmful for your overall health.

Ayurvedic alwy says that something which is given by nature have to be considered consume raw to get it's benifits, honey is also the same.

Honey becomes toxic once you started adding it into hot foods and harm your body, lets know how.

Adding Honey In Warm Water

Honey mixed with warm water and lemon has been used for ages and prescribed by experts as one of the most successful hacks to lose weight. It is believed that having warm water every morning flushes out toxins from your system and regulates weight in the long run. Here only a warm water help you to flush out toxins from your body then what about honey.

Then you must consider staying safe from poison your adding

What you are drinking every morning for its health benefits is actually very toxic and nothing short of poison. What many don’t know is that honey should never be warmed, cooked or heated under any condition. The claim can be supported with the help of Ayurveda, which suggests that honey be never heated or cooked.

Let See That What Ayurveda Tells Us About Honey

According to Ayurvedic beliefs honey have it's own natural benifits and have its goodness in its own, when had in its raw form. On the other hand, warm honey has the tendency to cause "ama" in the body, which is kind of toxic substance which forms when the body faces problems in digestion. As honey slowly gets digested in the body, its properties turn similar to that of a poison, which in turn can lead to many different diseases.

So Do We Need To Stop Having Honey?

There is no reason yet why you are better off skipping honey and all its benefits. You must include it in your diet. However, the best way to have it is to consume it raw. It's all that how you consume that in a right way.

If you love to add honey in a milk, consider mixing the honey in the milk once it get cooled down.

A Bad Combination.

The temperature increase allowed for honey is less than 140 degrees which is much, much lower than your glass of hot milk. So, when you go in and mix honey in hot milk, the properties of honey change and turn toxic and hazardous for health.


Do add honey in your diet and understand the science to get its full benifits so that your body can extract all the nutrition easily, honey is a natural best form of medicine, have them raw.

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