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10 Days In Vegan(Plant-Based) Diet

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I have tried vegan diet for 10days and lets know the benifits and problems with plant based diet.

Vegan diet means you can't consume any animal products like fish, meat, curd, milk, honey, etc.

Why I'm doing this? As a rituals if someone dies in your family, you can't consume any animal products and only have to rely on fruits and vegetables.

First thought in my mind When i get to know that i can only eat fruits and vegetables, my first question came into my mind is from where i get my protein, and how to balance my macro Nutrition (carbs, fats and proteins), and how much i have to eat to reach my required calories intake.

The great benifits That i have felt while in vegan diet High energy levels: In a day having plants i have noticed that my energy levels are much higher and can do my workouts with high intensity. As because I'm having good amount of carbohydrates which is the main source of energy as well.

Micronutrients: While i was eating a lots of fruits and vegetables i have also started tracking my calories intake, and i have noticed that my micronutrients are boosted up. My fiber intake and my vitamin and mineral intake are a lot higher which is a good news for my body.

Recovery After Workouts: It doesn't matter i workout in a gym or in home i always try to give my best and keep the workout intense. Most of the time i have muscle soreness, not only my workouts are getting intense but i have also noticed that I'm recovering faster then before after having lots of fruits and vegetables.

Digestion and gut health: While in vegan diet, I'm not feeling bloated and on the other hand i can felt that my foods are digesting properly as well, may be because of high fibre foods. And also it is proved that human gut have to work hard to enough to digest animal products.

Better sleep and mood: Just for a day being in a plant based diet i felt that i got a quality sleep. It might have various circumstances, may be because i have an intense workout, may be my foods are properly digested, my be my brain get enough fuel that required for proper functioning. I don't felt like sleeping again when i wake up in the morning, which indicates that i had a quality sleep. As i get good sleep i also feel good throughout the day with no anxiety or stress.

So it looks like their are numerous health benefits of having vegan diet. And i have also search on web about this diet also (link) But, their are some problems as well with vegan diet.

Problems With Plant-Based Diet Plant have diet have numerous health benefits but every good things have a bad side as well. The first problem with plant based diet is that i have to eat a lot. Calories Problem As fruits and vegetables have very less amount of calories and my daily calorie intake is 2000-2300 calories according to my activity level. While taking calories on the very first day in a plant based diet my calories intake was around 1550calorie only, which is out of my imagination because I'm eating a lot and still so less calories. So i have to planned my diet and can able to reach 1900-2000 calories from the next day.

Protein Intake My protein intake was far too less, i don't take protein suppliment while I'm in a home and can easily get around 130-140grams of protein every day with whole foods. But when i started plant based diet I'm only getting around 60-70grams of protein every day, which blows up my mind. Still i managed to increase my Protein intake to around 90-100grams.

Vegan Protien Foods : Lentils, Vegetables, Soya Products, Nuts(peanuts, almonds, cashew)

Expensive Plant based diet is very costly, yes and it's true. It's because not only you have to eat a lot to complete your calories but also have to buy variety of foods to complete your micro/macro nutrients and amino acid profile as well. 

Vitamin B12 & Omega 3 Problem with vitamin B12 and omaega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin B12 only found in animal products and omage 3 fatty acids is also found in animals in a high amount but very less in plants. I always take multivitamins and minerals tables to keep in check my all vitamins minerals intake from where i get my B12. And for Omega3 i started having Flaxseed which a good source Omega 3 fatty acids

Conclusion: It's better to choose your own diet with a reason, so that your compatible with that with all round and don't have to struggle for foods to stay healthy. In vegan diet you have to buy whole jar of peanut butter and bread to complete your all calories which is expensive, but on the other hand you can only buy two eggs to get the same amount of protein and benifits in cheap price.

Vegan diet is incredible but one choosing this diet have to understand about the all round compatibility as well. Customize your diet plans with you fitness journey,

Stay healthy stay safe, eat clean and get stronger

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