My Story

My Story

How I transformed my body?

Meet Somnath Banerjee, the man behind fitgoalTips. Somnath embarked on his journey into fitness more than Two years ago and ever since his sole initiative has been to learn and to grow in the same field. His dramatic and remarkable journey was full of many ups and downs which makes it worth sharing with you all.

Struggling with weight and obesity throughout his teenage years, Somnath suffered from many ailments and social apathy. The feeling of being unable to participate in any intense physical activities became a huge cause for dejection.

"Invest in Yourself, It pays the best Interest

After finishing college, somnath dropped 1 year for further studies. With no motivations and no aim in life he decided to do engineering. This one year somnath live a sedentary lifestyle, combined with the stress, because of lack of motivation and support and finding no purpose about life journey.

With this, many family problems as he also had to spare few hours daily to study and this compromised his sleep cycle. All the future stress and no motivation of do something leads to weight gain.

He Went to do engineering which he don't wanted to do, just doing studies what going on and no physical activity leads to demotivation in life. His thinking was, what he is doing with his life. Junk foods no activities which leads to low productivity in life as well.

Start Something With Slow And Keep Doing It, Complete That Task And Stay Motivated So That You Can Able To Do More Bigger Tasks In Life By Understanding The Problems Occurs By Doing Whose Small Tasks.

He also started slowly, started doing workout and started learning about foods and nutrition

As many of us must have experienced in our moments of despair, he succumbed to junk food, and questionable behavior. This not only wrecked his physique but nearly his life, in the process. The dark period didn’t seem to end and soon he felt he had started to drift away from his goal.

I Keep Doing

In the beginning it was awkward because of pain, and demotivated by other "you can't do it". He keep doing what he has started.

As a result of which he managed to shed 30 kg in 6-7 months, bringing his weight down from 90 kg to 60kg! The feeling of witnessing his abs and muscles for the first time was an ecstatic one, and there was no looking back. It is definitely true that when you start seeing results it becomes an addiction. This was only the beginning for Somnath and he persevered on expanding his knowledge in the field of nutrition and training.

The journey, however, was not one without bumps… sometimes in life, everything doesn’t go your way. While doing engineering, he have to take care of studies, projects, classes as well as assignments and exams. He also stay in hostel with limited nutrient he can choose from and also get limited or less amount of money for his nutritional needs.

By this way he understand how to manage foods, and calories and maintain those muscle mass over the year.

"No matter where you're, time and place let you understand how to survive And Grow.

He have learned and understand the science behind foods and workout and how it can help to nourish your body. He have given his time watching a lots of health related videos, completed many nutritional courses and read many articles, blogs and many books to understand everything about human body so that he can help other in a correct way.

Better Keep Yourself Clean and Right Because You're The Window through which you must see the world

- George Bernard Shaw

He have understand about nutrition as well as workout, how to prevent injuries, yoga, flexibility.

He also understand about Intermittent Fasting and how this help to reduce weight in a faster way. Several types of diet like vegan diet, ketone diet, what it fits your calories diet and many more.

Over the course of more than 2 years, he understand a lots of things regarding fitness and nutrition.

"I Can Be Doing My Best, And Know That One Day I Can Do Even Better.

Our mission is to understand everything about nutrition and fitness, avoiding all the myths coming under the way of others.

You can get another burger but not another body.

-Somnath Banerjee

It's a choice,

Food must be choice according to your body.

Not according to social needs.

My Story